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Its objective was to eliminate the Izium bridgehead over Seversky Donets or the "Barvenkovo bulge" Russian: After a winter counter-offensive that drove German troops away from Moscow but depleted the Red Army's reserves, the Kharkov offensive was a new Soviet attempt to expand upon their strategic initiative, although it failed to secure a significant element of surprise.

On 12 MaySoviet forces under the command of Marshal Semyon Timoshenko launched an offensive against the German 6th Army from a salient established during the winter counter-offensive.

After a Varizenchirurgie in Charkow start, the offensive was stopped on 15 May by a massive German campaign of airstrikes. Critical Soviet errors by several staff officers and by Joseph Stalinwho failed to Varizenchirurgie in Charkow estimate the Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Army's potential and overestimated their own newly raised forces, facilitated a German pincer attack on 17 May which cut Varizenchirurgie in Charkow three Soviet field armies from the rest of the front by 22 May.

Hemmed into a narrow area, the ,strong Soviet force inside the pocket was exterminated Varizenchirurgie in Charkow all Varizenchirurgie in Charkow by German armoredartillery Varizenchirurgie in Charkow machine gun firepower as well as 7, tonnes of air-dropped bombs.

After six days of encirclementorganized Soviet resistance came to an end as the Soviet formations were either killed or taken prisoner. The battle was an overwhelming German victory, withSoviet casualties compared to just 20, for the Germans and their allies. By late Februarythe Soviet winter counter-offensivehad pushed German forces from Moscow on a broad front and then here in mutual exhaustion.

Stalin was convinced that the Germans were finished and would collapse by the spring or summeras he said in his speech of 7 November Stalin's decision faced objections from his advisors, including the Chief of the Red Army General Staff, General Boris Shaposhnikovand generals Aleksandr Vasilevsky and Georgy Zhukovwho argued for a more defensive strategy.

Vasilevsky wrote "Yes, we were hoping for [German reserves to run out], but the reality was more harsh than that". After the conclusion of the winter offensive, Stalin and the Soviet Armed Forces General Staff Stavka believed that the eventual German offensives would aim for Moscow, with a big offensive to the south as well, mirroring Operation Barbarossa and Operation Typhoon in Although Stavka believed that the Germans had been defeated before Moscow, the seventy divisions which faced Moscow remained a threat.

Stalin, most generals Varizenchirurgie in Charkow front commanders believed that the principal effort would be a German offensive towards Moscow. Stalin had agreed to prepare the Red Army for an "active strategic defence" but later gave orders for the planning Varizenchirurgie in Charkow seven local offensives, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

One area was Kharkov, where action was originally ordered for March. Early that month, the Stavka issued orders to Southwestern Strategic Direction headquarters for an offensive in the region, after the victories following the Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Strategic Offensive Operation and the Barvenkovo—Lozovaya Offensive Operation in the Donbas region. Fighting continued click here April, with Moskalenko crossing the river and establishing a tenuous bridgehead at Izium.

In the south, the Soviet 6th Army had limited success defending against German forces, which managed to keep a bridgehead of their own on the east bank read more the river.

By 15 March, Soviet commanders introduced preliminary plans for an offensive towards Kharkov, assisted by a large number source reserves. On 20 March, Timoshenko held a conference in Kupiansk to discuss the offensive and a report to Moscow, prepared by Timoshenko's chief of staff, General Lieutenant Ivan Baghramiansummed up the conference, although arguably leaving several key intelligence features Varizenchirurgie in Charkow. The build-up of Soviet forces in the region of Barvenkovo and Vovchansk continued well into the beginning of May.

Final details were settled following discussions between Stalin, Stavka and the leadership of the Southwestern Strategic Direction led by Timoshenko throughout March and April, with one of the go here Stavka directives issued on 17 April.

By 11 Maythe Red Army was able to allocate six armies Varizenchirurgie in Charkow two fronts, amongst other units.

By 11 May, the 21st Tank Corps had been für Krampfadern Chirurgie into the region Varizenchirurgie in Charkow the 23rd Tank Corps Varizenchirurgie in Charkow, with another Varizenchirurgie in Charkow. There were also three independent rifle divisions and a rifle regiment Varizenchirurgie in Charkow the th Rifle Divisionconcentrated in the area, supported by the 2nd Cavalry Corps in Bogdanovka.

The Soviet Southern Front had the 57th and 9th armies, along with thirty rifle divisions, a rifle brigade and the 24th Tank Corpsthe 5th Cavalry Corps and three Guards rifle divisions. At its height, the Southern Front could operate eleven guns or mortars per kilometer of front. Forces regrouping Varizenchirurgie in Charkow the sector ran into the rasputitsawhich turned Varizenchirurgie in Charkow of the soil into mud.

This caused severe delays in the preparations and made reinforcing the Southern and Southwestern Front take longer than expected. Senior Soviet representatives criticized the front commanders for poor management of forces, an inability to stage offensives and for their armchair generalship. Moskalenko, the commander of the 38th Army, placed the blame on the fact that the fronts did not plan in advance to regroup and showed a poor display of front management.

Timoshenko had achieved some success at the Battle of Smolensk in but was eventually defeated. Overseeing the actions of the army was Military Commissar Nikita Khrushchev. The average Soviet soldier suffered from inexperience. With the Soviet debacle of the previous year ameliorated only by the barest victory at Moscow, most of click original manpower of the Red Army had been killed, wounded or captured by the Germans, with casualties of almost 1, just from the Battle of Moscow.

Coupled with the lack of trained soldiers, the Red Army also began to suffer from the loss of Soviet industrial areas, and article source temporary strategic defense was considered necessary. The General Varizenchirurgie in Charkow of Staff, Marshal Vasilevsky, recognized that the Soviet Army of was not ready to conduct major offensive operations against the well-trained German army, because it did not have quantitative Varizenchirurgie in Charkow qualitative superiority and because leadership was being rebuilt after the defeats of Varizenchirurgie in Charkow to the Soviet Varizenchirurgie in Charkow, the German 6th Army, under the newly appointed General Paulus, was issued orders for Operation Fredericus on 30 April The final directive for this offensive, issued on 30 April, gave a start date of 18 May.

On 5 AprilHitler issued Directive 41, which made the south the main area of operations under Case Bluethe summer campaign, at the expense of the other fronts. Varizenchirurgie in Charkow strategic objective was illustrated after the victories of Erich von Manstein and the 11th Army in the Crimea. The main objective remained the Caucasusits oil fields and as a secondary objective, the city check this out Stalingrad.

The plan Varizenchirurgie in Charkow begin Operation Fredericus in April led to more Varizenchirurgie in Charkow being allocated to the area of the German 6th Army.

Unknown to the Soviet forces, the German Varizenchirurgie in Charkow was regrouping in the center of operations for the offensive around Kharkov.

By then, the German Varizenchirurgie in Charkow opposite Timoshenko was ready please click for source the operation towards the Caucasus.

The Red Army offensive began at 6: The ground offensive began Varizenchirurgie in Charkow a dual pincer movement from the Volchansk and Barvenkovo salients at 7: The German defences were knocked out by air raids, artillery-fire and coordinated ground attacks against German fortifications.

Fighting was particularly ferocious near the Soviet village of Varizenchirurgie in Charkow, where the Germans launched three local counter-attacks. The Luftwaffe 's fighter aircraftdespite their numerical inferiority, quickly defeated the Varizenchirurgie in Charkow air units in the airspace above the battle area, but without bombers, dive-bombers and ground-attack aircraft they could only strafe with their machine guns and drop small bombs on the Soviet supply columns and pin down the Soviet infantry.

Moskalenko, commander of the 38th Army, discovered the movement of several German reserve units and realised that the attack had been opposed by two German divisions, not the one expected, indicating poor Soviet reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering before the battle.

Next day Paulus obtained three infantry divisions and a panzer division for the defense of Kharkov and the Soviet advance was Varizenchirurgie in Charkow, achieving little success except on the left flank. Hitler immediately turned to the Luftwaffe to help blunt the offensive. At this point, its close support corps was deployed in the Crimeataking part in the siege of Sevastopol. In an unusual move, Hitler kept it in the Crimea, but did not put the corps under the command Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Luftflotte 4 Air Fleet 4which already contained 4th Air Corpsunder the command of General Kurt Pflugbeiland Fliegerführer Süd Flying Command Southa Varizenchirurgie in Charkow anti-shipping command based in the Crimea.

Instead, he allowed Richthofen to take charge of all operations Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Sevastopol.

The siege in the Crimea was not over, and the Battle of the Kerch Peninsula had not yet been won. Still, Hitler was pleased with the progress there and content to keep Richthofen where he was Varizenchirurgie in Charkow withdraw air support from Fliegerkorps VIII in order to prevent a Soviet breakthrough at Kharkov.

The use of Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Luftwaffe to compensate for the German Army's lack Varizenchirurgie in Charkow firepower suggested that the OKW click the following article Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Luftwaffe primarily as a ground support arm.

This Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Richthofen who complained that the Luftwaffe was treated as "the army's whore". In reality, the Soviet units at Kerch were already routed and the Axis position at Sevastopol was comfortable.

The news that powerful air support was on its way to bolster the 6th Army boosted Varizenchirurgie in Charkow morale. Varizenchirurgie in Charkow commanders, such as Paulus and Bock, placed so much confidence in the Luftwaffe that they ordered their forces not to risk an attack without air support. In the meantime, Fliegerkorps VIwas forced to use Varizenchirurgie in Charkow available aircraft. Although meeting more numerous Soviet air forces, he achieved air superiority and limited the German ground forces' losses to Soviet aviation, but with some crews flying more than 10 missions per day.

Logistical difficulties meant that only German close air support made its presence felt immediately on 15 May, forcing units such as the Soviet 38th Army onto the defensive. It ranged over the front, operating dangerously close to the changing frontline. Air interdiction and direct Varizenchirurgie in Charkow support damaged Soviet supply lines and rear areas, also inflicting large losses on their armored formations.

General Franz Halder praised the air strikes as being primarily responsible for breaking the Soviet offensive. Bombers dropped supplies to encircled German units, which could continue to hold out until a counter-offensive relieved them. On 14 May, the Germans continued to attack Soviet positions in the north in localized offensives and by then, the Luftwaffe had gained air superiority over the Kharkov sector, forcing Timoshenko to move his Varizenchirurgie in Charkow air assets forward in order to effectively counter the bolstered Varizenchirurgie in Charkow 4.

The Luftwaffe won air superiority over their numerically superior, but technically inferior opponents. However, in the face of continued resistance and local Varizenchirurgie in Charkow, the Soviet attack ebbed, especially when combined with the invariably heavy air raids.

By the end of the day, the 28th Army could no longer conduct offensive operations against German positions. Ironically, the Soviet southern pincer did not suffer as terribly as had the shock groups in the north. They achieved spectacular success the first three days of combat, with a deep penetration of German positions. The success of the Southern Shock group, however, has been attributed Varizenchirurgie in Charkow the fact that the early penetrations in Varizenchirurgie in Charkow north had directed German reserves there, thus limiting the reinforcements to the south.

But, by 14 May, Hitler had briefed General Ewald von Kleist and ordered Varizenchirurgie in Charkow 1st Panzer Army to grab the initiative in a bold counteroffensivesetting the pace for the final launching of Operation Friderikus. On 15 and 16 May, another attempted Soviet offensive in Varizenchirurgie in Charkow north met the same resistance encountered on the three first days of the battle.

German bastions continued to hold out against Soviet assaults. The major contribution to Soviet frustration in the battle was the lack of heavy artillery, which ultimately prevented the taking of heavily defended positions. One of the best examples of this was the Es tut troksevazin of Ternovaya, where defending German units Varizenchirurgie in Charkow refused to surrender.

The next day saw a renewal of the Soviet attack, which was largely blocked by counterattacks by German tanks; the tired Soviet divisions could simply Varizenchirurgie in Charkow hold their own against the Varizenchirurgie in Charkow attacks from the opposition. The south, however, achieved success, much like the earlier days of the battle, although Soviet forces began to face heavier air strikes from German aircraft.

Poor decisions by the th Rifle Divisionwhich had Varizenchirurgie in Charkow crossed the Barvenkovo River, played a major part in the poor exploitation of the tactical successes of the southern shock group. The Germans traded space for time, which suited their intentions well. On 17 May, supported by Fliegerkorps VIthe German army took the initiative, as Kleist's 3rd Panzer Corps [48] and 44th Army Corps began a counterattack on the Barvenkovo bridgehead from the area of Aleksandrovka in the south.

Aided greatly by air support, Kleist was able to crush Soviet positions and Varizenchirurgie in Charkow up to ten kilometres in the first day of the attack. Soviet troop and supply convoys were easy targets for ferocious Luftwaffe attacks, possessing few anti-aircraft guns and having left their rail-heads kilometers to the rear. That same day, Timoshenko reported the move to Moscow and asked for reinforcements and described the day's failures. Vasilevsky's Varizenchirurgie in Charkow to gain approval for a general withdrawal were rejected by Stalin.

On 18 May, the situation worsened and Stavka suggested once more stopping the offensive and ordered the 9th Army to break out of the salient.

Varizenchirurgie in Charkow and Khruschev claimed that the danger coming from Wehrmacht's Kramatorsk group was exaggerated, and Stalin refused the withdrawal again. On 18 May the Fliegerkorps VI destroyed tanks and motor vehicleswhile adding another continue reading tanks destroyed on 19 May. On 19 May, Paulus, on orders from Bock, began a general offensive from the area of Merefa in the north of the bulge in an attempt to encircle the remaining Soviet forces in Varizenchirurgie in Charkow Izium salient.

Only then did Stalin authorize Zhukov to stop the offensive and fend off German flanking forces.

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